Opened 10 years ago, in 2500 sq ft of space, with a potential 3500 (whole floor option. Space is broken into about 8 even sized area – each taking between 6 – 10 people. With onset of COVID -19. Individual sinks/kitchenette’s were added to each room to create a safer space. Majority of members are long term and dedicated. We also run a mail service. Office is located 2 blocks from Train Station in heart of Main Street, Woodbridge, NJ where the main focus of the towns is to redevelop this area into a transit village.

At a glance

Last 12 Months' Income$75,000
Last 12 Months' Expenses$60,000
Annual Net Profit$15,000
Included Assets$25,000
Growth TrajectoryGrowing
Years in Operation5+ years
Daily OperationsUnstaffed
Neighborhood Urban
Remaining Time on LeaseLease 5+ years

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