Our space is a Denver-based upscale coworking location for established and discerning entrepreneurs, executives and companies in premiere communities across North America and Europe. Located in Cherry Creek, this ultraluxury space serves over 250 successful members across its 16,500 square feet of workspace and balconies overlooking Denver’s most renowned neighborhood.

At a glance

Last 12 Months' Income$
Last 12 Months' Expenses$
Annual Net Profit$0
Included Assets$200,000
Growth TrajectoryGrowing
Years in OperationLess than 1 year
Daily Operations Staffed
Remaining Time on LeaseLease 5+ years
Q Business Highlights

Started the space with a 70% +/- occupancy and profitable by over $50,000 per month. Full bore, this place will profit over $1MM per year. Meeting rooms are a great source of income as well along with the untapped potential of a 2000 sqft Event Venue with Full Liquor License, the only office in the state with a Liquor License. The space has 2 communal balconies, along with 21 of the 57 offices have their own private balconies.

Q Daily Operations

Being a higher end clientele, we've noticed that most rent offices much larger than one would expect. Event though we have desks for 288, we think the space will never have more than 125/50 people in it. The type of clientele is also more established thereby not needing hand-holding that some other spaces have. The space can easily be ran with 1 person and a backup.

Q Financials

The space took less than a year to build and over 2MM, and as anyone who knows the local market, and this level of finish and furnishings, that number could be much higher and take much longer in Denver now. Whoever buys this, can literally be running their brand today, in the absolute best neighborhood in all of Denver, in one of the most unique buildings, with the highest walking-score of any in the entire state. All with a 232 parking space garage, and an extremely favorable lease.

Q Opportunities for Growth

I started this space after touring coworking spaces in search of a temporary office after I sold my last company, a major Oil & Gas services company. After stumbling into a wework, (as my assistant said, a Regus combined with Starbucks) I realized the potential for shared workspaces but one that focused squarely on established professionals, executives and companies with discerning taste. If someone were to focus solely on this segment, and not the startup, skateboard/tank top wearing crowd, they could make this a great success.

Q About the Seller

I own 3 homes, an art gallery and 10 lots in the most desirable area of Santa Fe, NM, the Historic East Side, on the two best streets, Canyon Road and Camino del Monte Sol. I put remodeling and developing my properties on the back burner as I focused on this since 2018. That said, in the current market, I stand to make over $20MM in profit on my current portfolio in Santa Fe over the coming two years. In addition to that, I'm also redeveloping a 25,0000 sqft estate home I own in Ireland into a Five-Star Hotel and Resort in 2021 along with a development in the Caribbean by 2025.

Notes from DenSwap: "Sure, it's a high price tag. But - it's priced below the buildout cost, has a customer base, and a fantastic lease in a premier Denver neighborhood."

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