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We've been in the coworking biz for a long time, and there's never been a better time than now. COVID took the wind out of everyone's sails, but as companies adapt to hybrid work-from-home models and an increased focus on community the future for flex space is bright.

In the next few years, we predict:

Regional, multi-location chains will dominate the market.

Before COVID, we saw independent chains get to the end of their original lease term and sell to a larger chain or throw in the towel. The pandemic only increased this trend, leaving larger multi-location brands with both the local connections and cash to endure the downturn while smaller shops closed. As the economy reopens, the operators with a stable portfolio and diversified tenant roster will be able to move quickly on new opportunities and establish market share.

Property owners will capture profit through management agreements.

WeWork introduced coworking to the property owners around the world, but their traditional leases meant that they kept all the profit during the boom then broke leases in the downturn. Post-COVID, the flex space market is switching to management contracts - similar to the hotel industry. Property owners command a premium rent and a share of the profits, and operators can expand their brand's reach with lowered risk.

Investors will convert a portion of their CRE portfolio to flex space.

As corporate policies shift to hybrid work-from-home models, savvy investors will convert a portion of their portfolio to flex space, including traditional coworking and spec/pop-up suites for tenants. Much like the addition of Starbucks in 90s office towers, coworking will be seen as a must-have amenity and used by investors to drive rent premiums and increase their portfolio valuation.

We know coworking. For the past 10 years, DenSwap's team of coworking consultants have helped communities grow. We’ve even started spaces of our own. It's an exciting time to be in coworking - and through it all, we'll be here to assist the next generation of property owners, coworking operators, and newcomers create the future of coworking.

"The flex space market has moved well beyond the traditional model of co-working and is now driving real and tangible change in the wider market. The appetite for flexible space offers opportunities to fuel demand in prime locations and decrease vacancy in some weaker portfolios."

Alex Colpaert
Head of Offices Research, JLL

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