Determine if coworking is right for you with our Coworking Focus & Feasibility Report

Let’s figure out whether coworking is right for you. Our Focus & Feasibility Report is an in-depth, research-driven analysis on a specific demographic area and property. Our team will review your potential coworking property and market, and create an actionable plan.

A careful assessment with real numbers and local market research

Our flex space report is conducted by a small team of experienced coworking operators and expert consultants, and are designed to give company stakeholders the basic information they need to green light an upcoming coworking project or choose between potential investments. Our study will give an overview of a flex space project’s demographics, market viability, competitive environment, and key potential key challenges deemed important to the decision-making process. After the research, we’ll make specific recommendations for your particular space and footprints, including office buildout costs, amount of offices + desks with pricing and sqft allocation, model recommendations, and more.

What’s included in the report

Research for your property & proposed area includes:

  • Demographic data with ESRI profiles and coworking compatibility
  • Population + available market within travel distance
  • Competitive environment with pricing, inventory, buildout, and model information

Recommendations for your property based on research includes:

  • Business model recommendations
  • Available square feet in the region for new coworking based on local market demographics
  • Low-mid-high range furniture buildout budgets
  • Space allocation totals – how many offices to build, how large should each be, how much should they be priced
  • Expected profit after first year
  • NEW: Excel chart with estimated expenses and income for first year included for free

Let’s get started.

We’ve helped spaces across the country, and we’d love to help you out as well. Drop up a line at or schedule an introductory call with us at this link, and we’ll get you set up ASAP.