Total Square Feet28,000
Office Occupancy60%
Desk Occupancy0%
Last 12 Months' Income$699,804
Last 12 Months' Expenses$607,392
Forward 12 Months' Profit$92,404
Included Assets$150,000
Growth TrajectoryGrowing
Years in Operation3-5 years
Daily Operations Staffed
Neighborhood Suburban
Remaining Time on LeaseLease 5+ years

Business & Space Overview

Two executive suite locations within a 15-minute drive from each other with a combined 28,000 square feet. feature 86 private offices, 6 conference rooms, and two large team meeting rooms to seat 30. One location was designed by a former Regus architect and furnished to their standards. Both are efficient, fully built out and furnished, and generating a steady around $92,000 a year in profit at 60% occupancy. At 85% occupancy it’s projected to make over $330,000 a year.

The locations have below market, long-term leases of 10+ years remaining.

Q Turn key in two great locations

The buildings are located on busy roads directly off Interstate highways - I-280 and I-80. They both have great exposure and sign visibility.

Q Experienced flex space owner needed

Both locations were built out by the building owner as a means of obtaining financing for other projects. They operate with little marketing and rely on sign exposure and web traffic for leads. An interested and experienced owner could make these locations very profitable, especially given the lease terms.

Q Marketing

They do nothing other than maintain a website and occasionally run some Facebook ads.

Q Financials

Business has been steadily increasing since Covid largely ended. The locations are private office intensive and have not targeted co-working or team spaces which are an untapped market. The two large training rooms and many conference rooms have not been marketed either.

Q Opportunities for Growth

Due to proximity (1.5 miles apart) one Community Manager can manage both centers. An operator who knows marketing should be able to double revenue. The locations are in one of the top 10 largest office markets in the country, with lots of tech, financial, and pharmaceutical companies located nearby.

Q About the Seller

The sellers are real estate developers who built out the locations and got them started. They have sold the buildings and are ready to move to other opportunities.

From the Seller:
"These centers are fully fit out and furnished. We have other investments and opportunities and are ready to move on".

Notes from DenSwap: "This space has a strong foundation in an area that is estimated to support over 130,000 SF of coworking. It needs a new owner to focus on marketing to drive the more than 2 leads a month it gets right now. Every dollar brought in is profit so the hard work is done."

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