How to add coworking to your CRE property

We can make it happen. DenSwap’s consulting team can put together the elements you need to fill your property with a long-lasting and profitable coworking business. From feasibility reports, matchmaking with the right operator or franchise, and pre- and post-launch consulting to ensure you’re set for success.

Feasibility & Focus Research

Let’s figure out whether coworking is right for you. Our team will review your particular property and market, and create an actionable plan.

  • Validation: Are there enough available customers in nearby zip codes to convert the property to coworking?
  • Buildout: What type of furniture should you buy to for your customers, and what is the estimated cost for your goals?
  • Client focus: What should you focus on – remote workers, small businesses, or corporate clients?
  • Pricing: How much can you charge for desks and offices in your location?
  • Competition: What is your expected growth rate and time-to-profitability based on the local market?
  • Amenities: What provides better ROIs – standard coffee service, sparkling water on tap, podcasting studios, or something new?
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Matchmaking with Coworking Operators

Looking beyond the brokered lease? DenSwap can connect you to our network of coworking owner/operators and find the perfect fit for your space.

Management Contracts

In the post-COVID, post-WeWork world, more and more property owners are turning to management contracts to reduce risk and share in the profits. DenSwap can guide you in selecting the right contract and make introductions to potential operators.

Joint Ventures & Franchise

Traditionally used by entrepreneurs in the know, property owners can leverage partnerships and franchises to hand off day-to-day responsibility and bring additional expertise to the table. We’ll help make it happen.

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Buildout & Operation Consulting

As a consulting firm for real estate companies and investment funds, our team has directly launched dozens of spaces from New York City to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

We’ve seen the financials for hundreds of coworking businesses across the world, and we can identify doomed businesses from day one. New startups often waste hundreds of thousands on the wrong buildout, furniture, staffing, and amenities. Our consultants can deliver a lean, optimized buildout that saves you money and works for your bottom line. From staffing manuals and marketing plans, to access to specialized service providers, our team won’t stop until we’ve made your space a success.

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