Seller Resources

Selling a business requires a lot of paperwork and a lot of operational support to make sure you’re legally protected and the transition goes smoothly for all parties. If it’s helpful, we’ve collected it here for you to download free.

Before you list your business

The following resources are meant to help you assess, plan, and prepare to sell your business.

Valuation Calculator

See how much your coworking space is worth. Answer 10 questions to get an estimate.

Open the Coworking Valuation Calculator

Sample Listing

Check out a former listing on DenSwap to see what’s worked for previous businesses.

Check out a business listing

Sample Documents

We’ve collected sample documents for you to preview and modify. DenSwap is not a legal advisor and does not offer any warranty, implied or otherwise. Always have your lawyer review and edit any documents you send to buyers.

Letter of Intent

A buyer will send an LOI to make an offer on your business, outlining the offer price and terms of the sale.

Open the sample LOI

Non-disclosure Agreement

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) protect against misuse of financials and other sensitive information you disclose.

Open the sample NDA