Flexible consulting services to address your pressing coworking business needs.

As a consulting firm for real estate companies and investment funds, our team has directly launched dozens of spaces from New York City to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Our consulting team specializes in independent, boutique coworking spaces and small chains, as well as converting CRE spaces to flex.

Our consulting team focuses on creating high-performing coworking spaces through unique hospitality experiences and delivering quality customer service. We leverage this and the unique character of independent coworking spaces to achieve sustainable occupancy levels and a warm, welcoming community that keep your tenants satisfied.

Our team of coworking experts have extensive experience, covering a wide range of areas and services to help you achieve sound financial results and returns with your business investment.

We’ve seen the financials for hundreds of coworking businesses across the world, and we can often identify doomed businesses from day one. New startups often waste hundreds of thousands on the wrong buildout, furniture, staffing, and amenities. Our consultants can deliver a lean, optimized buildout that saves you money and works for your bottom line. From staffing manuals and marketing plans, to access to specialized service providers, our team won’t stop until we’ve made your space a success.

General Consulting Services

We’ve been in coworking and flex space since the beginning, and bring experience and results you can trust.

Floor Plan Design

After a site examination we will help design an efficient floor layout that preserves the collaborative atmosphere of coworking culture while driving enough revenue to meet your goals.

Community Building

We don’t like the build-it-and-they-will-come philosophy. We start building awareness and generate excitement about your new coworking space months before open, leading to high pre-leases and community buzz.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

After designing several coworking spaces we have selected brands and furniture products that work from coworking spaces at all budgets. We can work with IKEA budgets to all-out Silicon Valley biuldouts.

Staff Training & Structure

No more staffing nightmares. We’ll help determine who to hire, and train them to be a valuable and consistent member of the team to deliver fantastic customer service to your tenants.

Technology & Operations

We’ve partnered with some great coworking software companies and tested all of the leading hardware solutions. We’ll help you leverage technology for smooth operations and reliable service.

Branding, Website, & Collateral

We’ll build a brand to support your space and mission, then extend that brand into a website, social media, and swag presence that builds community and delivers consistent leads.

Launch Services

A new coworking space is cause to celebrate, and let’s launch the new space with some flair. As the big day approaches we’ll work hard to organize events, get press coverage, move people in, and start building connections. It will be an exciting start to a new space and new community.

Post-Launch Support

Running a coworking space doesn’t stop when the doors open and neither do we. We can schedule bi-weekly meetings to plan future events, answer any questions, and provide new marketing material so you are always getting in front of the right people and continue to run smoothly.

Let’s build something amazing.

Our goal is to provide as much useful information as possible to the next generation of coworking owners and operators as possible. A strong, well-run industry serves us all – property owners, operators, consultants, and tenants alike. Once you’ve run the numbers and are considering next steps, talk to us and see how we can come alongside you and support you in your goals.

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