How to estimate your potential coworking income

To help property owners assess the potential value of their spaces when converted to coworking, we’ve built a Property Planning Tool to crunch the numbers and come up with monthly financials for five different coworking models. Answer 6 questions about your property, and we’ll tell you what type of coworking makes sense for you in a customized feasibility report.

We’ll generate a free sample P&L for your space, created from real-world data from businesses across the US.

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See how different coworking models might perform in your property

Answer 6 questions about your property, and we’ll tell you what type of coworking makes sense for you. DenSwap’s free PDF report is generated in seconds and shows a financial breakdown of 5 different coworking business models.

Traditional Lease
Traditional Lease
The traditional route for property owners, banks, and WeWork. 5-10 year leases, 3% annual increase, X months free rent, TI budget. Some risk and no share in the profit.
Management Contract
Mgmt Contract
The up-and-coming coworking model. The coworking company operates the space on behalf of the landlord, with varying degrees of buildout, ownership, and profit sharing.
Joint Venture
A traditional partnership between landlord and operator where the buildout cost, responsibilities, and profit are split evenly based on ownership shares.
The landlord owner/operates the business with significant marketing, operations, and planning assistance from a franchise in exchange for revenue.
Start Your Own
Landlords own and operate the space directly. Profitable, but the owner will need hands-on oversight in hospitality and marketing to retain occupancy.

Information is power.

Our goal is to provide as much useful information as possible to the next generation of coworking owners and operators as possible. A strong, well-run industry serves us all – property owners, operators, consultants, and tenants alike. Once you’ve run the numbers and are considering next steps, talk to us and see how we can come alongside you and support you in your goals.

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